3 times chocolate pleasure, chocolate cake with Nutella based mousse!

Hello everybody!

Nowadays I am a total chocolate addict, and I can hardly resist a piece of rich, delicate chocolate cake. This recipe is a triple chocolate heaven, chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse and finally a chocolate mirror glaze topping. I promise you will love it!


Chocolate sponge cake

80 g flour

35 g cocoa

120 g butter or baking margarine

120 g white sugar

2 eggs

30 ml oil

30 ml milk (preferably 3%)

1 table spoons vanilla sugar or 1 tea spoon vanilla extract

a little bit of salt

1/2 tea spoon baking powder

2-3 table spoons of Nutella

Nutella mousse

500 ml cream (36%)

200 g milk chocolate

120 g Nutella

3 tea spoons of gelatin (approximately 10 g)

Mirror glaze topping:

200 g honey

100 g white sugar

125 ml water

150 ml condensed, sweetened milk

150 - 200 g milk chocolate

Step by step:

In a small pot, slowly melt butter together with oil. Then, in small portions add sugar, mix gently and let the batter cool down. After 2-3 minutes add eggs, milk and vanilla sugar/extract. Mix gently with wooden spatula until it combines. Sift flour, cocoa and baking powder, stir until it blends in and pour the batter to the baking form (20 x 20 cm) filled with baking paper. Bake for approximately 25 minutes in 170 °C . Let the cake cool down and then using a round bowl (18 cm) cut out the round shaped cake. Spread the cake surface with Nutella and lace the cake into a baking form of 22 cm.

In the meantime prepare gelatin for the chocolate mousse, let the gelatin soak in water (approximately 50 ml) for about 5 minutes. Then warm it up gently (remember do not let it boil as it will immediately lose its properties!). Let the gelatin cool down.

In a small pot warm up cream (150 ml), then add chopped milk chocolate and Nutella. Let the mixture combine. Add the gelatin and stir carefully. Let it cool down. In a separate bowl whip the remaining cream until soft peakes appear. Then combine the chocolate mixture (possible cooled down, however we do not it to solidify) with the whipped cream (I recommend starting by blending in a spoon or two of whipped cream). Mix gently with wooden spatula and pour the cream onto the baking form with cake. Place into the freezer and keep it cooled down overnight.

For the mirror glaze topping, place the honey, water and sugar in a small pot. Warm it up until it melts, combines and becomes transparent. In the meantime prepare gelatin (exactly the same way as for the chocolate mousse) and when its ready pour it to the honey-sugar mixture. Stir gently. Then add chopped milk chocolate and condensed milk. Mix until it combines (you can even use blender if necessary). Let the topping cool down to approximately 35 °C . When ready, pour the mirror glaze over the top of the cake until it starts running down the sides. You can use silicon spatula to scrape off the excess of the glaze. Let the glaze solidify. Bon apetit! :-)

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