Apple roses on vanilla cream!

Hello everybody!

As soon as I have seen this beautiful tart I just had to try it myself! It's a really nice idea for a special occasion. Even for a small gift! If you sometimes cannot decide, a flower bouquet or something sweet for a present, now you have them two in one. ;) It's a charming, delicious tart with vanilla - almond touch, easy to prepare, easy to cut. Try it yourself!



180 g flour

120 g butter or baking margarine

65 g icing sugar

2-3 table spoons water

a little bit of salt

Vanilla- almond cream

600 ml milk (preferably 3%)

100 g sugar

2 table spoons vanilla sugar

6 egg yolks

40 g flour

40 g potato starch

1 tea spoon Amaretto liqueur

Apple roses

5-6 apples

500 ml water

juice from 2 lemons

200 g white sugar

Step by step:


Mix all the ingredients: flour, icing sugar, salt, water and butter/baking margarine either using food processor. or manually. Then place the dough into a plastic wrap and let it cool down in the refrigerator for about 30-45 minutes. Roll the pre - cooled dough into the baking form/tart tin (26-28 cm) and cover it with a baking paper. Then place approximately two cups of baking beans on top of the paper. Pre-bake the dough for 12-15 minutes in 200 °C. Then remove both, the paper and the beans and bake for the next 10-15 minutes in 180 °C. Let the dough cool down for a couple of minutes.

Vanilla - almond cream

In a small pot, warm up milk, add 2 spoons of vanilla sugar. In a separate bowl whip egg yolks together with icing sugar, until you obtain a yellow, fluffy mixture. Sift in both types of flour and continue whipping until you obtain a homogeneous batter. Add approximately 50 -100 ml of warm milk to the batter and mix carefully. Then warm up milk again (important, warm it up until it boils) add the batter and stir carefully. Add Amaretto liqueur and stir again. Let the mixture boil for approximately 1 minute. When ready, pour the creme immediately on the baked and cooled down dough.

Apple roses:

In a small pot, warm up water, lemon juice and sugar. Wash and cut apples into quarters and eights. Then using a knife slice pieces into slices of approximately 3 mm wide. Cook the slices in a water-lemon sugar juice until they become soft but they cannot fall apart (usually 1-2 minute, but can be longer depending on the type of apples). When ready, place 4-5 apple slices next to each other (the half of the second slice should cover the half of the first one) and fold them into rose like shape. Then place the roses onto to the cooled down cream patisserie and place the tart into the fridge. Bon apetit :-)!

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