Apricot- almond cheesecake

Autumn colors, creamy cheesecake, delicious almonds, icing sugar. It looks great but tastes even better. If you like creamy desserts and crave for some autumn inspired idea this one is for you!


200 g biscuits/ digestive cookies

50 g almond flakes

80 butter /baking margarine

250 g apricots / yellow plums

650 g cottage cheese

145 g superfine sugar

4 eggs

65 g cream (18%)

50 ml Amaretto or if you don't have a couple of drops of almond extract

1 tea spoon of flour

1 tea spoon vanilla sugar/vanilla extract

8 apricots/yellow plums

15-25 g almond flakes

1 table spoon Amaretto

1 table spoon white sugar

Step by step

Place the cookies, butter and almond flakes in a food processor. Combine, transfer and spread the crunch (it should have a wet, sand like texture) into the prepared baking form (20-22 cm) lined with baking paper. Pre-bake the bottom of the cheesecake for about 15 minutes in 175 °C. When ready, cut the apricots/plums into halves, place into oven and bake for couple of minutes in 200 °C until the fruits become soft but not fall apart. Then place the fruits on the surface of the pre-baked bottom.

In a plastic bowl mix together cottage cheese, eggs, white sugar, vanilla sugar, flour, cream (18%) and Amaretto. All the ingredients should be in a room temperature. Do not mix to long only until the ingredients combine. When ready pour the cheese batter onto the fruits and bake for approximately 60 -70 min in 160 °C. I highly advise you to bake your cheesecake in a water bath. This will prevent it from growing too high and then falling. If you do not have a bigger dish to place your baking form in you can easily place a loaf form with hot water underneath. When ready let the cheesecake cool down before removing the form. Place the cake in the fridge for couple of hours or preferably overnight. As a final touch prepare the apricots/yellow plums to decorate the cheesecake. Cut the fruits into halves and spread some almond flakes,Amaretto liqueur and a spoon of white sugar. Bake the halves as previously, for couple of minutes in 200 °C. Remember do not to let the fruits fall apart. When ready place the fruits on top of the cheesecake. Decorate with a little bit of icing sugar. Enjoy and bon appetit! :-)

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