Chocolate - pear- almond marriage!

Hello everybody on this warm Sunday afternoon!

Chocolate, pear and almond? Spiced with anise and cinnamon? Such list of ingredients promises something really delicious, do you guys agree! Check this very interesting and easy recipe and you will not regret it! :-)


5 pears

750 ml water

200 g white sugar

1/2 tea spoon cinnamon

1 anise

50 ml lemon juice

Chocolate cake:

150 g flour

50 g almond flour (or crashed almonds)

120 g white sugar

120 ml brandy (Amaretto or any preferred alcohol/liqueur)*

150 g dark chocolate

4 eggs

1 table spoon cocoa

1/2 tea spoon baking powder

Chocolate icing:

100 g dark chocolate

50 ml cream (30-36%)

20 ml brandy

Step by step:

Start with peeling pears, back to front, remove the core but keep the tail. Prepare the mixture, water, lemon juice and sugar, let the solution boil for a little while, then add the spices and finally pears. Let the mixture boil and slow cook for approximately 10 minutes. Don't let the pears fall apart. When ready (the fruits should be soft, but not overcooked) take them out and let dry a bit.

In a small pot place the liqueur (brandy, Amaretto etc.) and dark chocolate. Let it melt (try water bath, but as I am often lazy I warm it up a little and let it stand for a while, it melts after couple minutes).

In a separate bowl, whip butter and sugar until you obtain a fluffy, yellow batter. Add eggs, one by one, continue mixing. Then add cooled down chocolate sauce and combine. In another bowl sift and mix together dry ingredients (flour, almond flour, cocoa and baking powder). Combine all the ingredients (wet and dry) using for example wooden spatula. Pour the obtained chocolate batter into the prepared baking form (22-23 cm, filled with baking paper). Place the pears into the batter (like in the picture) and bake for approximately 45-50 minutes in 180°C. Let the cake cooled down for a while. As a final touch prepare chocolate icing. Warm up the dark chocolate and the cream together, add the alcohol (brandy or Amaretto). Let the chocolate melt until you obtain the homogeneous sauce. Pour the sauce onto the cooled down cake and let it solidify. Bon appetit! :-)

* You can also use a favorite type of cider, cider and pears is always a good idea, isn't it? :-)

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