Deep into the blue - Apulia

The idea to visit Apulia was a very spontaneous one, but looking now at these pictures on this cold autumn evening I can say it was a very good one! We managed to visit Bari, discover beautiful cliffs of Polignano a Mare and have a good night sleep in the famous trullo house in Alberobello. This short trip was enough to fall in love with this very much Italian region and to immediately start to plan to discover more as soon as possible. Because there is certainly much more to see in Apulia!

Beautiful cliffs of Polignano a Mare

Deep into the blue, can you see the color of the water?

Walking through the 'white' streets of Polignano a Mare

Piazza Mercantile in Bari

Teatro Petruzzelli, the largest theatre of the city of Bari and the fourth Italian biggest theatre

Old town, Bari

Lungomare a Bari, a nice walk along the Bari waterfront

Teatro Margherita, a former theater nowadays turned into a museum. As usual surrounded by colorful fisherman boats

Zona di trulli

There is certainly something magical in trulli, which are traditional Apulian dry stone huts with a conical roof.

And another look at one of the most beautiful views, deep into the blue...

Have a nice evening!

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