Follow the green with mint and chocolate cake!

Hello everybody! :-)

Who remembers After Eight Mint Chocolate Tins? One of my all time favorite! Sweet but refreshing little snacks, served usually with an afternoon tea. This mint-chocolate cake is a very nice combination of classical flavors, dark chocolate combined with delicate mint touch. Totally refreshing, totally addicting! Here is a very simple to make it:


Sponge cake:

130 g flour

60 g dark chocolate

60 g cocoa

2 eggs

120 g butter

160 g brown sugar

40 g white sugar

120 g cream 18 %

1/2 tea spoon baking soda

2/3 tea spoon baking powder

2 table spoons vanilla sugar

50 ml mint liqueur

50 ml mint tea

Mint cream:

250 ml cream 360%

250 g mascarpone

2 table spoons icing sugar

1-2 tea spoons mint extract (depending on whether you prefer less or more intense flavor)

a couple droplets of green food coloring

Step by step:

In a bowl sift and mix dry ingredients: flour, both baking soda and powder. In a small pot melt butter, then add dark chocolate, preferably chopped. Mix gently untill it melts in. Sift cocoa, mix, let the mixture cool down for a couple of minutes. In a separate bowl whip eggs together with all types of sugar. Whip until you obtain fluffy, yellow mixture. Then, in small steps add melted chocolate and dry ingredients. Mix until you obtain a smooth dough, but not longer. Pour the dough (it will be quite dense) into prepared baking form (22 cm) filled with baking paper and bake in 170 C for approximately 40-45 minutes. When ready, let the sponge cake cool down for a while, then cut into two pieces.

In the meantime prepare mint cream: In a bowl mix together cream, macarpone and green food coloring. Mix until you obtain a cream texture. At the end add the mint extract, mix again.

Now, place the half of the sponge cake into baking form, pour delicately couple spoons of mint tea/liqueur mixture onto it, place 1/3 of the mint cream. Cover the cream with the second half of the sponge. Apply some more mint tea/liqueur punch on top. Decorate the sides of the cake with remaining mint cream. Finally, give the cake its final touch, chocolate topping! Bon appetit :-)!

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