Lemon - meringue refreshment!

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Hello on Monday!

How about a refreshing, lemon flavored start of the new week? A piece of fantastic cheesecake will surely help you to find loads of motivation for the next few intense days. Just think about extremely delicate, refreshing and truly wonderful lemon mousse with small bites of meringue!



160 g of petit beurre like cookies/biscuits

40 g of butter or baking margarine (in small pieces if cold or melted)

A little bit of milk if necessary


500 g of dry cottage cheese or quark if you prefer the cheesecake to be more creamy (do not choose the light version, 3% of fat is recommended)

250 g of cream (30 or 36%)

3 eggs or 4 if small

1 lemon zest

45 g of flour

Lemon mousse:

400 ml of cold cream (36%)

125 ml of fresh lemon juice

2 1/2 tea spoon of gelatin

6-8 spoons of icing sugar (depends on your own preferences, taste while preparing :)

A little bit of yellow food coloring

Step by step:


Place the ingredients in a food processor and mix until you obtain a floury crumble. Then place the crumble in a baking form (23 cm) filled with a baking paper and work it to a bottom deg by flattening it out with your fingers. Pre-bake the deg 175 ºC for approximately 10 minutes. Observe as it will get a slightly brownish color.


Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix with food mixer until they blend, but remember not too long. Pour the batter on the pre-baked and cooled deg and bake it in 160 ºC in water bath for approximately 55 minutes. I often place a baking form with water underneath the cake instead. :-)

Lemon mousse:

Place gelatin in a small bowl and let it soak in water (100 ml) for a couple of minutes. Warm up the gelatin, for example in the microwave, be careful not to boil it. Cool it down for a couple of minutes and mix carefully with lemon juice.

Whip cream together with icing sugar. While mixing add a little bit of food coloring. My advice is to control the color as it can disappear with time if you add too little or simply become to intense if you add too much. Whip the mixture until stiff peaks forms, then mix couple spoons of whipped cream with cooled down lemon juice-gelatin mixture. Carefully add the mixture to the rest of whipped cream. Taste the mousse, if you feel it is too sour add some more icing sugar and mix carefully with spatula. Now spread the mousse onto the baked and cooled down cheesecake. Place the cake in the fridge for couple hours or overnight. The next day decorate it with meringue crumbs. Bon apetit! :-)

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