Magical Tuscany

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

After this year's trip to Tuscany I can only say that three days are far to little to fully explore this beautiful region, but fairly enough to fall in love with its magic. When travelling I usually take lots of pictures, but in this case I rather found myself enjoying the beautiful views while passing these amazing landscapes. Tuscany has its unique atmosphere that originates from a combination of medieval architecture and countryside idyll. What I truly loved about this region was the glimpse of past looking at me from each and every corner and this feeling of time slowing down its course for a brief while. And its is so beautifully captured on the pictures...

Views of Montepulciano truly resemble an idyllic and peaceful countryside

Beautiful Siena

Duomo di Siena, or simply cathedral of Siena

Known as the Town of Fine Towers or rather Manhattan of Tuscany, San Gimignano famous for its medieval architecture

Not that bad view from the window ;-)

Good night!

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