Plum brownie aka plum obsession continues!

Very warm good evening!

It looks like my plum obsession is still there, actually I cannot decide what I like the most right now, plums or peaches or maybe both :P? This chocolate beauty is only a small modification of the previous strawberry brownie recipe, which in fact saved me already on couple occasions. I have to say that the plum alternative came out even better than the original one! Much softer and juicy. I guess that is because plums in general contain more water and don't dry out so quickly n the oven. A final touch with walnut butter and vanilla sugar made the cake even better than I though! Here is the recipe:


200 g butter/baking margarine

200 g dark chocolate

3 eggs

240 g white sugar

135 g flour


Plums chopped into smaller pieces

Chocolate chips

1 tea spoon walnut butter ( I chose the crunchy one, with little pieces of buts

A little bit of vanilla sugar or vanilla extract

Step by step:

Melt the butter/baking margarine in a small saucepan. Add dark chocolate (preferably chopped into smaller pieces) and let the two ingredients combine. In a separate bowl mix (I do it manually) eggs with sugar. Then pour the cooled down butter/chocolate mixture and combine this time with food mixer. Sift the flour, mix again until it blends in. Then transfer the homogeneous batter into the prepared baking form (24 cm x 24 cm) lined with baking paper. Place the plum pieces and chocolate chips on top of the batter. Bake for approximately 35-40 minutes in 160 °C. When ready, let the cake cool down and then cut into smaller pieces. Serve with vanilla ice- cream or whipped cream. Bon appetit! :-)

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