Raspberry - chocolate charlotte cake

Hello everybody!

Have you ever heard about Charlotte? This classic, French dessert is not only elegant, soft and sweet but can be fairly easily prepared. Over the years it has undergone some minor modifications, for example a typical sponge cake has been replaced by ladyfingers. What I love about this cake and what makes it, at least in my opinion a winning dessert is a perfect balance between the sweet ladyfingers, semisweet chocolate flavor and softness of chocolate -raspberry bavarian cream. And finally, can you also notice this slight retro feeling ;-)? Here is how to make it:


250 g ladyfingers

500 ml milk (3%)

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

120 g white, superfine sugar

20 g gelatin

80 ml cold water

400 ml cream 30%

150 g dark chocolate

1 table spoon of Cointreau liqueur /brandy/ rum

200 g raspberries

Step by step:

Start by preparing a baking form (preferably 22 cm), line it with baking paper and place ladyfingers around it (in a circle). You can cut the bottoms of ladyfingers so that they stand easily in the baking form without tilting. In a small saucepan melt dark chocolate, previously chopped in small pieces. Set aside to cool down. In another small saucepan combine raspberries, sugar and liqueur, let the mixture boil and cook for a while. When ready press the obtained jam like mixture through the sieve to remove small seeds.

Prepare gelatin by mixing it with cold water. Let it stand for a while, approximately 5-10 minutes. In a cooking pot boil the milk. In the meantime whisk eggs, eggs yolk and sugar until it reaches the ribbon state (pale yellow, fluffy mixture). Then pour approximately 250 ml of the boiling milk into the mixture. Such prepared mixture combine back with the remaining boiling milk. Let the obtained cream cook for couple of minutes until dense, but remember not to let the mixture boil. Remove the mixture from the heat and mix with previously warmed up gelatin. Split into two parts. To the first part add the melted chocolate and combine. Similarly, to the second part add raspberry mixture, also combine. Let the mixtures cool down in the fridge. Be careful no to let the cream solidify. In a bowl whipped cream and split into two halves. Add cream to both pre-cooled chocolate and raspberry parts of cream. Place the chocolate cream into the baking form. Let the cream solidify by placing it shortly into the fridge. Then place the remaining raspberry cream on top of the chocolate layer. Let the cake solidify in the fridge. preferably over the night. Decorate with fresh raspberries! Bon appetit! :-)

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