Red-currant - chocolate cake!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Good evening guys!

So many ideas recently, so many recipes, so many fruits, and so little time. ;-). Summer is such an amazing time when you just feel like you want to use all the ingredients, try all the combinations, but who is gonna it that all? :P

Today I post a recipe for a very nice red-currant - chocolate pound cake. The pound cake recipes are usually very easy and quick. And also, it's an unique possibility to experiment a bit with different fruits, types of chocolate, also glaze if you like. So if you feel like a piece of pound cake for example on the Sunday afternoon here is how to prepare it. :-)


250 g flour

160 g butter/ baking margarine

160 g white sugar

3 eggs

12 g vanilla sugar

150 yogurt natural

2 tea spoon baking powder

250 g red currant

60 g chopped dark chocolate (let the pieces be big enough so you can see them as chocolate chips in the batter and later in the cake)

Step by step:

In the bowl mix the batter (room temperature) with both types of sugar (white and vanilla). Whip until you obtain a yellow, fluffy batter. Then add eggs (one at the time) and continue to whip. Stiff the flour and the baking powder (you can mix them accordingly before adding) and finally add the yogurt. Combine all the ingredients using wooden spatula (only until you obtain a homogeneous batter). Then add the previously washed red currant and chopped chocolate bites. Combine carefully. Poor the batter into the previously prepared, filled with baking paper baking form/pound cake form (I used 12 cm x 32 cm). Bake the cake for approximately 45 up to 55 minutes in 170 °C. You can always check if the cake is ready using your cake tester. Remember, if it comes clear, the cake is ready! Let the cake cool down for at least 30 minutes before serving. Isn't it easy? :-P Bon appetit! :-)

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