Red rose cake; make each day Valentine's day :-)

Hello everybody!

A red rose cake idea was somewhere in my mind for a long time. I finally decided to give it a try during this year's Valentine's day. It came out really delicious! Chocolate sponge cake with delicate, rose flavored mascarpone whipped cream. I had a lot of fun decorating it with rose petals, but I think it is a pretty universal recipe, a perfect choice for many more occasions than Valentine's day. Rose water gives it a little special, oriental touch, while the raspberries bring natural sweetness and fruity taste of summer we all kind of miss, don't we? :-)


Sponge cake:

200 g flour

50 g chopped almonds or almond flour

50 g of coca

150 g brown sugar

2 eggs

120 g olive oil

140 ml milk

60 ml coffee, for example espresso

1 teas spoon vanilla extract / 2 table spoons of vanilla sugar

1 and 1/2 tea spoon baking powder

1/2 tea spoon baking soda

Rose flavored cream:

200 g cream (30 or 36%)

50 g mascarpone

1 table spoon icing sugar

1 table spoon rose water (maybe a bit more,but not too much as the cream will get an intense perfumed taste)

a little bit of pink/red food coloring

100 g of rose jam or raspberry jam

100 g of frozen raspberries

Rose petals, chocolate flakes for decoration

Step by step:

In a separate bowl sift and mix all the dry ingredients: flour, almonds, coca, both types of sugar, baking powder and baking soda. In another bowl mix gently (using for example spatula) eggs, olive oil, milk and coffee. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix until they blend, but no longer. Then pour the batter into 20 cm baking form (pre-greased with butter or filled with baking paper). Bake the sponge for approximately 45 min in 160 °C (I recommend to always check the cake with a wooden toothpick, if it comes out clean it is ready). Let the cake cool down for a longer while, and after that cut it into two halves.

In a meantime prepare the rose flavored cream by mixing all the ingredients with a mixer for approximately 3 minutes, but no longer than necessary (you will see the mixture quickly gets its creamy texture).

Put one of the chocolate-almond sponge halves into the baking form and spread the rose/raspberry jam on it. Place the rose flavored cream (leave 2-3 spoons for decoration if you like :) and raspberries on top of it. Finally cover the cake with the second sponge half. Decorate the cake by spreading the remaining cream on the sides and place the sponge crumbs (remaining from cutting the cake into two halves) on it. You can also decorate the top of the cake with the remaining cream. Be creative! Bon apetit! :-)

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