Roman Holiday

Hand up who has at least once, after seeing the Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn dreamed about exploring Rome, preferably on a Vespa scooter and ideally accompanied by somebody like Gregor Peck ;-)? This was my second visit to Rome, but for sure more aware than the first one, almost 15 years ago. Here are some impressions from the Eternal City, gladly we saw a lot, but still so much more to come and that's why I think the third visit is just a matter of time. ;-)

When in Vatican City

It got over 300 stairs to get to see that view, but it was worth it

Castel Sant' Angelo, initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, later used by the popes as a fortress and castle.

Not only beautiful views, but also stunning interiors

The city of bridges...

Friendly and brave seagulls...

The city of fountains...

And monuments...

In the past the location of speeches given by Benito Mussolini, today Piazza Venezia brings back the memories of the Italy's very first King, Victor Emanuel

Piazza Navona, famous for its amazing architecture and fountains (Fountain of the four Rivers)

The city of ruins ;-)

It was my first time inside the famous Colosseum

Beautiful Villa Borghese gardens, the location of Borghese gallery

Just a few impressions from the streets of Rome...

Rome, the city built on the seven hills, with its symbol, the St Peter's basilica visible from almost all the sites of the city

Good night everybody!

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