Vintage apple pie

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If there is something sweet I could never resist it either contains chocolate or apples. ;) Apple pie is one of the Polish most beloved desserts and believe me, we love it truly and deeply! This love has evolved and turned into some kind of tradition as our grandmas baked it and passed the recipes to our mothers and finally to us. This recipe is very simple I could say, a bit vintage as it doesn't contain any additional ingredients such as raisins or nuts. It's as simple as delicious and I am sure you're gonna love it. Who doesn't love apple pie after all? ;-)


180 g flour

80 g butter / baking margarine

2 table spoons of milk

60 g white sugar (maybe more, depends on the type of apples)

16 g vanilla sugar

1 tea spoon baking powder


1 kg apples

120 g white sugar

2 table spoons water

2 table spoons vanilla sugar / 1 tea spoon vanilla paste

35 g butter

1.5 table spoons potato starch

Step by step:

Mix all the ingredients: flour, baking powder, both types of sugar, milk and butter/baking margarine either using food processor or work it manually into a dough. Divide the dough into two halves, place one of them into the baking form (22 cm), and bake for 10-12 minutes at 180 °C. Place the second half into the fridge.

In the meantime, wash and peal apples, then cut them into smaller pieces (preferably squares). Place apple squares in the pot, add sugar, water and butter. Warm up the mixture and let it boil slightly until the apples will soften but don't let them fall apart. Add both types of flour and let the apples cook for 2 minutes more. Pour the cooked apples onto the pre-baked dough and cover with the cooled down and rolled second half of the dough. Put the cake into the oven an bake for additional 30-35 minutes (until you see the top of the cake gets characteristic golden touch :) in 180 °C. Let the apple pie cool down and decorate with icing. Bon apetit :)!

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